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Chardonnay Tradition DOC 2022

Chardonnay Tradition DOC 2022, excellent with potato and vegetable soups. 0.75 l bottle


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The Terlan Winery was founded in 1893 and is one of the most advanced winemaking cooperatives in South Tyrol. Its 143 members cultivate 190 hectares of vineyards and produce a total of 1.5 million bottles per year. For years, together with our members, we have been following with commitment and perseverance the path of quality, the same quality that has earned us fame and recognition in the Italian and international wine market. That's why, despite being relatively small, Terlano winery has become an established institution in its field. In our modern facility we exclusively produce DOC wines, 30% red and 70% white. In 2009, we expanded the aging area to 18,000 cubic meters and completely redesigned it, also from an architectural point of view. Today, our wines find all the space they need to grow and develop fully. From the outside, the new wing of the building has a covering of red porphyry, the typical rock of the area which gives our wine a series of distinctive characteristics. The roof of the winery has been greened and covered with vines, seamlessly integrating into the surrounding cultivated landscape. The distribution of wines produced is divided in two clearly differentiated quality lines: the Selections and the Tradition line. Moreover, every year we release on the market a "rare" wine, aged for at least ten years in our cellars, and conceived to give visibility to our philosophy of wines' longevity. Organization The Terlan Winery has a cooperative structure. President Georg Eyrl and vice president Hansjörg Hafner lead the board of directors - elected for a term of three years in 2020 - composed by Anton Adami, Norbert Elsler, Christoph Patauner, Ulrike Gratl, Hans-Peter Höller, Georg Spitaler, Stefan Sandrini, Robert Müller, Elmar Pichler, Konrad Rauch and Manfred Runer.


The international Chardonnay grape is by now a consolidated presence in Terlano's vineyards, and besides enriching our blend, every year we also vinify it as a single varietal, obtaining wines of remarkable crispness and with a very interesting component of tropical fruits which make them combinable with many dishes.

Organoleptic characteristics: 

Color: pale straw yellow and sparkling Bouquet: The bouquet of this Chardonnay emanates hints of exotic fruit, with notes of banana, quince, passion fruit, mango and melon, as well as aromas of lemon balm. Taste: On the palate, this Chardonnay is smooth and harmonic, with a light aroma of pear, associated to hints of exotic tropical fruit. To this is added a light salty and mineral note, which makes this wine smooth, giving it a very appealing volume.

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Slow fermentation at controlled temperature in stainless steel tanks


James Suckling 91/100 

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