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"Luce" Luce della Vite Toscana IGT 2020 with packaging

Luce Toscana IGT 2020, excellent with grilled red meat main courses. 0.75 l bottle with case.


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It was from the meeting, which took place at the beginning of the 90's, between Vittorio Frescobaldi and Robert Mondavi, that a new chapter in the history of great Tuscan wines started. Because from that meeting was born a wine inspired by the will of making a dream come true: to create in Montalcino, a renowned territory for the production of excellent wines, a wine that would go beyond the boundaries of tradition, without denying it, by treasuring the experiences of two historical families in the world of wine. This ambitious project was named Tenuta Luce, a name which evokes the light of Montalcino's sun, which is the source of life and nourishment, which marks the passage of seasons and gives the rhythm to every agricultural activity. Since then, Tenuta Luce has always honored this vision and to the symbolic wine of the estate, Luce, have been added other exclusive wines, capable of going beyond the boundaries of their territory, also gaining international consensus. In 2005, the baton was passed to Lamberto Frescobaldi, Vittorio's son. Today he is the one who holds the helm of Tenuta Luce and directs its production guidelines, from the vineyard to the creation of the blends of each vintage. A work based on respect for the land and the people, which leads to transform the fruits of the vine into fine wines, which reflect the beauty of the territory from which they are born. With the latest acquisition, in 2016, Tenuta Luce has been provided with a new winery, an underground structure perfectly integrated in the land of Montalcino, inside which is located Collezione Luce, its historical cellar. Tenuta Luce's values always guide every choice. And if in the vineyards there is the beauty of nature, here there is a beauty built by man to inspire us to work always better. Sol Solis. It is the radiant sun, the inspiring symbol of the Luce brand. It is the sun chiseled on the high altar of the Church of Santo Spirito, in Florence, commissioned in the 15th century from Brunelleschi and built on land donated by the Frescobaldi family. An ambitious project named Luce in homage to the sun that gives us warmth, energy, life.


Luce is the first Supertuscan wine to be made from a blend of Sangiovese and Merlot in Montalcino. It is a great wine with a perfect harmony between the structure and elegance of Sangiovese and the roundness and softness of Merlot.

Organoleptic characteristics: 

Intense ruby red color, almost impenetrable. The nose shows intense hints of red fruit, a veiled presence of incense and spicy notes which give the wine an extraordinary complexity. On the palate this aromatic complexity is supported by an elegant tannic texture which give the wine a unique structure and balance.

Storage time: 

10 years


Fermentation in concrete at a controlled temperature of 28°C for 12 days. Maceration on the skins for 3 weeks and malolactic fermentation in barriques.


2019 Wine Spectator 94/100
2019 James Suckling 99/100
2018 Robert Parker 94/100

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