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Roccamora Negroamaro DOC Nardò 2020

Roccamora Negramaro Nardò DOC 2020, excellent with stews and roasted meat. 0.75 l bottle


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The heart of Schola Sarmenti is an ancient wine factory built in the half of the nineteenth century and remained closed for more than fifty years. Marra and Calabrese families brought back to splendor an ancient symbol of Salento's enology, fulcrum of an important architectural tradition, where culture and territory are transmitted to visitors through the impetuous beauty of star vaults made of tuff and leccese stone. The embrace between present and past finds its maximum expression in the unique details, able to really move. Going down slowly from a small central staircase, the heart is pervaded by an intense perfume, while the legs want to hurry up, eager to discover that underground world. The last step and you are finally immersed in wine. A barrique cellar made of old cisterns one after the other. The right temperature and a constant humidity all year round make it a perfect environment where barrels keep that wine which, once bottled, will end up resting between purple red walls. A place where you can breathe the air of a distant past, while the scents of wine and wood give a foretaste of the result of this slow rest: the near future.


Roccamora Negramaro Nardò DOC is a red wine produced with 100% Negroamaro grapes by Schola Sarmenti winery. The average age of the vineyards from which these grapes come from is 20 years old and they are cultivated with Guyot system. Grapes are harvested by hand and gently placed in small aerated boxes in order to preserve their integrity.
In the winery they are then further sorted on a modern sorting table to ensure that only the best grapes are used.

Organoleptic characteristics: 

A singular olfactory register interwoven with notes of spice, tobacco and leather in a well-marked fruit finish. The enterprising sip inebriates the palate with a softness and a velvety structure softened by a fine tannin that leaves a pleasantly bitter trail.

Storage time: 

within 5 years


Vinification in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperature


Luca Maroni 90/100
Wine Spectator 89/100
Robert Parker 90/100
Red Prawn

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