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Salice Salentino Doc Riserva 2019

Salice Salentino Doc Riserva 2019, suitable for roast veal and beef. 0.75-l bottle


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This story has as its beginning a glance, as its prologue the early twentieth century. From that hourglass, suspended over a sepia-colored Italy, comes the destiny of a family and a company that bears the name of Giovanni Battista Cantele. It was he who first set eyes on the center of this story, it happened in Imola, in the middle of the war. Giovanni Battista Cantele had left behind Pramaggiore, where he was born, to reach the exact center of his life. It had the shape of a woman's profile who one day would have become his wife, the mother of his sons - Augusto and Domenico - and would have inspired the wine which today bears his name: Teresa Manara. The Great War was over Giovanni Battista had approached the bulk wine market, a world which began in Apulia, where he used to go to choose the dark nectar to be taken away, towards north. When Teresa Manara saw Lecce for the first time, the time she decided to accompany her husband in one of the many business trips, she felt invaded by the same kind of silence that years before had kidnapped Giovanni. A sudden, irresistible fascination. To the point that she couldn't help but stay. At the same time that migrants were leaving Salento to make ends meet in the large industrial cities, so distant from a harsh land, almost an island. Augusto, the teenage son, one day in 1979 would have founded Cantine Cantele, together with his father and his brother Domenico after having studied at the Research Center for Viticulture in Conegliano and having worked in the wineries of Veneto with a particular passion for white wines. In the seventies, while the world was changing once again, Augusto joined his family in Lecce and started working as a consultant in Guagnano and Salice Salentino until the beginning of the nineties, when some hectares of vineyards were bought and Cantele wines were produced. Today are the grandchildren of Teresa Manara and Giovanni Battista Cantele to continue the writing of this family story poured in many glasses. Augusto Cantele's sons, Gianni and Paolo, and Domenico's sons, Umberto and Luisa. A glance unites them, a liquid talent, a dream called wine.


Clusters with sweet pulp and late ripening, characterized by a precious versatility, express one of the most important appellations of Apulia, Salice Salentino. This wine is certainly one of the synonyms of the border land sung by poets and of which we sign three variations on the theme: Negroamaro Rosato, Negroamaro Rosso and Salice Salentino Riserva.

Organoleptic characteristics: 

Color: Garnet streaks escape a deep ruby red. Nose: Red fruits, blackberries and orange. The spices end in clear recognitions of black pepper, tea and underbrush. Palate: Enhanced by red flowers, the olfactory sensations return to the mouth carried by the pronounced but not impetuous alcohol content. In contrast, the tannins and fresh acidity make this wine balanced and smooth.

Storage time: 

To be drunk immediately and alternatively follow its evolution for 5-6 years


After destemming and crushing, the must remains in contact with skins for a period of maceration of about 10 days and the fermentation temperature is kept within 25-26° C.


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