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Champagne Brut ‘Cristal’ 2014 Louis Roederer

Cristal brut 2014, ottimo con ostriche, caviale, crostacei come aragosta e astice. Bottiglia da 0,75 l


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In 1833 the'entrepreneur and aesthete Louis Roederer, heir to the Maison de Champagne, made the far-sighted decision to enrich the vineyard to control all stages of wine making and created an entirely original style, spirit and taste. In the mid-19th century, by purchasing vineyards selected with instinct and eclectic spirit on the lands of the Grands Crus de Champagne, Louis Roederer went against the grain of the customs of the time. While others buy the'grapes, Louis Roederer tends the vineyard, deciphering the character of each plot and methodically purchasing the best. Persuaded that the quintessence of a great wine lies in the soil, a lover of tradition and turned to the future, Louis Roederer charts an exceptional destiny for the House that has since borne his name. His successor, Louis Roederer II, is animated by the same patient vision of champagne, the same patrimonial conception of the wine estate, the same resourcefulness. He draws inspiration from his love of books and drawings, which he collected with talent. Starting in the 1870s, Champagne Louis Roederer wines traveled as far as the United States and Russia, to the table of Tsar Alexander II. A man of taste, an inveterate researcher, Louis Roederer creates a new champagne for the emperor and launches a new idea: the first "cuvée de prestige," born in 1876 under the name "Cristal." Its subtlety and elegance will make the reputation of excellence of the Maison Louis Roederer ever since. In the 1920s, the new heir to the House of Louis Roederer, Léon Olry Roederer, will devote his efforts to the creation of a particularly balanced wine, whose constant and delicate accord of different vintages is the promise of consistently perfect quality. A magnificent assemblage that contributes to the rebirth of the Maison Louis Roederer. Always independent, and always run by the family, Maison Louis Roederer is now directed by Frédéric Rouzaud, an exponent of the seventh generation of the dynasty. With the same patience, an'unwavering fidelity to its creative vocation, Maison Louis Roederer now ships, each year, more than three million bottles to over a hundred countries around the world.


Lo Champagne brut “Cristal” è Il più celebre dei vini della Maison Louis Roederer. Nasce nel 1876 per soddisfare il gusto esigente dello Zar Alessandro II. Si tratta di un grande prodotto unico e inimitabile di notevole potenza, equilibrio e persistenza in bocca assolutamente unica. Viene prodotto esclusivamente da migliori uve Pinot Nero (60%) e Chardonnay (40%) solo nelle grandi annate.

Organoleptic characteristics: 

Colore oro luminoso. Perlage finissimo e persistente. Al naso si sente potente, complesso, ma elegante con note di frutti gialli (prugna mirabella), frutti succosi e maturi (pesca noce), scorze di agrumi (arancia candita) e frutta secca (nocciole) leggermente tostata e fiori delicati. Al palato è rotondo, denso, minerale, cremoso e succoso con retrogusto lunghissimo e persistente.

Storage time: 

over 20 years


Prodotto con Metodo Champenoise con rifermentazione in bottiglia


2014 Robert Parker 96/100
2014 Wine Spectator 98/100
2014 Antonio Galloni 98/100
2012 Robert Parker 97/100
2012 James Suckling 98/100

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