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Ribeca Perricone Sicilia DOC 2015 in wooden box

Ribeca Perricone Sicilia DOC 2015, excellent with wild boar tagliata. Bottle of 0,75 l


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Years '80. Salvatore Di Gaetano, a passionate enologist, is struck by the district of Firriato, in the extraordinary countryside of the city of Trapani, an agricultural territory deeply marked by the cultivation of vine and the culture of wine, located between the beautiful sea of Trapani's coast and the majestic fortress of the ancient city of Erice. These are the beginnings of a young entrepreneur, in love with his land and who looks at this land with new eyes, seeing the potential for growth and development of a wine territory of excellence as the one of Trapani's valleys, but not yet expressed with the necessary commitment and the right productive approach. It starts from the vineyard, from the first plantings of Nero d'Avola, Catarratto and Inzolia, conducted with the scrupulousness of a modern viticulture centered on a new concept of wine quality which has its primacy in the vineyard and in its agronomic management. In the cellar must arrive perfectly healthy grapes, organoleptically complete, harvested at the right degree of ripeness. Respecting naturalness, enhancing the oenological value, enhancing the varietal peculiarities of each vine is for Firriato, since the beginning, an iron rule on which Salvatore Di Gaetano, vintage after vintage, is able to form a new model of wine business, rooted in the territory but with an eye to the most demanding and prepared markets. The Sicily of quality wine is getting out of the shadow cone that for too long penalized territories and companies, it is about to open a new and exciting season of Italian wine which has in Sicilian enology its driving force. Firriato winery and Di Gaetano family are, together with the great brands of the enology of the island, protagonists of this important evolution, not only under the economic aspect of production, but mainly for the enological quality of wines and the capacity of understanding the evolution of taste expressed by consumers. These are tumultuous, intense and relentless years: new wines are being produced, new wineries are acquired and techniques and technological instruments of the winery are refined. The number of recognitions, awards and, even more important, the consensus of consumers grows. We travel the world, because the world has discovered Sicily and Sicilian wines. Firriato is one of the first Sicilian wine companies that manages to interpret the best of this new dimension and international perspective, investing in this with decision and method, achieving one of the most solid distribution and commercial successes of the sector in Sicily.


Ribeca is the fruit of decades of work to recover the relic Perricone grape variety, of which Firriato has selected its own clone. The company believed in the qualities of this grape variety of the Sicilian viticultural tradition, which it cultivates on the Pianoro Cuddìa Estate. This is an elegant, soft and warm wine with fresh and overwhelming tannins.

Organoleptic characteristics: 

Color: Deep dark ruby purple. Nose: The complexity of its bouquet offers the captivating discovery of delicate tones of blackberry, plum and morello cherry, accompanied by empathetic nuances of licorice, ginger, cloves and juniper berries. A richness that has no equal and that smells Sicilian. Palate: Fresh and overwhelming tannins that highlight the elegance and sumptuousness of a wine that knows it has an inimitable charm. Its fruit is energetic and ambitious, in balance with a contained and pleasant acidity. A new mouthfeel is needed to enjoy it in its true fullness.

Storage time: 

over 5 years


Traditional in red in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks


2015 Good Wines of Italy
2015 AIS Vitae
2015 Red Prawn 
2015 International Wine Report 94/100

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