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Dogheria Pinot Bianco Rubicon IGT 2022

great with prawns in teriaky sauce


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Located in the Forlì hills in the Bidente Valley, between the Apennines and the Tuscan border, an area with excellent pedoclimatic characteristics for the production of high quality wines. The history of Poderi dal Nespoli is rooted in four generations of winemakers from Romagna, who have believed deeply in their territory and its fruits, enhancing their production through constant research and improvement. In 2010 began the partnership between the Ravaioli family and the Mondodelvino group, Poderi dal Nespoli wines are present in many international markets, thanks also to the innovative push of a cutting-edge technology, introduced in all phases of grape processing and wine aging, which has allowed an improvement in the quality profile in full respect of the most authentic processes. The first generation began by establishing the Osteria "Da Tilio," which in a short time became one of the most popular destinations for Romagnoli in the area, serving what is called "house wine." With the second generation comes to the family the Podere Prugneto and the first productions of sangiovese from their own grapes and later the first two white wines based on Albana and Trebbiano. In the mid-1960s there is a decisive turning point, believing strongly that Sangiovese di Romagna is a grape variety from which to obtain high-profile wines, and for this he decides to introduce two important innovations: decreasing the production of grapes per hectare and using French barriques for the first time for aging. Today Poderi dal Nespoli wines are high quality wines, in whose spirit the dream of Alfeo Martini and that of the Ravaioli family meet: to bring great Romagna quality to international markets.


The name comes from the Dogheria estate in the Bidente Valley, where the vineyards from which this wine is made from 100% Pinot Bianco grapes are located. Characterized by mineral notes typical of the soil and temperature ranges of the area.

Organoleptic characteristics: 

Bright straw yellow color. The nose has delicate nuances of acacia and orange blossom, exotic fruit, green apple and citrus. The sip is agile fresh, with a medium structure and good smoothness with a mineral finish.

Storage time: 

2-4 years old


Fermentation and maturation in steel


2020 Mundus Wines silver medal
2015 International Wine National Challenge bronze medal
2017 Berlin Wine Trophy gold medal

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