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MAURUS Merlot DOC 2017

MAURUS Merlot DOC 2017, goes well with roasted and grilled meat. Bottle size 0,75 l


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The winery has been successfully run since 1978 by Gianfranco, who, by means of rigorous and daring viticultural choices, together with a careful enological interpretation, established a qualitative style of great personality, which distinguished Vie di Romans winery in the last twenty years. Important milestones of this last historical path were: 1978 first bottling and first commercial label, 1982 beginning of a cycle of viticultural modernization aimed to high quality, 1989 the realization of the new winery built on three floors, 1990 vinification of grapes separated by cru of origin, 1992 commercial release of the '90 vintage and from this date on white wines will always be commercialized two years after the harvest.


Merlot "Maurus" is the great and full bodied red wine of the prestigious and renowned Vie di Romans winery, an institution in Friuli. It is an intense and rich in aromas wine, provided with a lively tannic structure capable of evolving and softening over the years. The great personality of Merlot, as well as the long aging in barrique and then in bottle, make this wine exceptionally long-lived, capable of evolving and improving for more than 20 years.

Organoleptic characteristics: 

Color: Ruby red Bouquet: Fruity and vegetal, notes of ripe plum and herbs. Taste: Rich and fresh, with fruity notes and young tannins of good drinkability

Storage time: 

over 10


cold pellicular maceration for 22 days combined with fulling and delestage in stainless steel tanks


2013 Bibenda
2013 Veronelli88/100

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