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Terre Lontane Rosato IGT Calabria 2020

Terre Lontane Rosato Calabria IGT 2020, goes well with first and second courses of fish. Bottle of 0,75 l


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For three generations, tenacious supporters of our territory, of its richness and of what it has represented, represents and above all of what it will represent in the future for the world of wine. We started from tradition, from Gaglioppo, from Greco and from the great quantity of autochthonous varieties present in the territory of our region. We started from the sapling and from the rootstocks historically used in the area, as well as from the teachings of our expert winemakers with their skills rooted in the centuries of viticultural history of Cirotano. We then turned to the top experts in the viticultural and enological field, because we knew that a meticulous research work would allow us to fix, preserve and exalt our viticultural heritage. This has always been our goal and our request to the scientific community. Far from wanting to invent or modify anything, through science we simply wanted to better understand in a definitive way what we had at our disposal. We know today that the initial intuition was right and we also know that some of the most beautiful pages of Calabrian enology are still to be written.


Terre Lontane IGT Calabria della storica cantina Librandi è un vino rosato, fresco, fruttato e vellutato. Il frutto dell’incontro tra il carattere delle uve autoctone come Gaglioppo 70% e la piacevolezza dei vitigni internazionali come Cabernet Franc 30% coltivati in terra calabrese.

Organoleptic characteristics: 

Color: Cherry pink Nose: fruity and slightly floral notes Taste: the taste is fresh, fairly acidulous, balanced and pleasant. On the finish there is a vaguely almond note, very clean.

Storage time: 

2-3 years


Vinification in thermo-conditioned stainless steel, with bloodletting and brief maceration


2021 Falstaff 90/100
2021 AIS Vitae
2020 AIS Vitae
2017 Red Prawn
2015 Red Prawn

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