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Aglianico del Vulture "Titolo" DOC 2019

Aglianico del Vulture “Titolo” DOC 2019, si abbina a primi piatti con sugo di carne. Bottiglia da 0,75 l


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Everything began in 2000, when Elena Fucci decided not to sell and give another chance to the beautiful vineyards surrounding the family's house. Vineyards had been acquired in the 1960's by her grandfather Generoso, buying the highest part of the estates located in Contrada Solagna del Titolo at the foot of Mount Vulture. During the years Elena Fucci's great-grandfather and grandfather had taken care of the vineyards, limiting themselves to selling the grapes and producing for their own consumption. Elena Fucci makes a sudden change of course, changing her life's plans and those of her family: she decides to invest on the territory and on the resource which allowed her father and even before her grandparents and great-grandparents to live and grow up in Vulture. So the winery comes to life with the 2000 harvest, in parallel with his university studies at the faculty of viticulture and enology. The choice of the winery is to focus on a single product, the "TITLE", a single wine for objective reasons. a single wine for objective reasons related to the yields of vineyards and the quality given by the maturity of plants; a single wine to represent at its best the specificity of Aglianico and the territoriality of Vulture, which offers to this grape a unique expression; a mix of microclimate and terroir that in Contrada Solagna del Titolo gives one of the best expressions possible.


L’Aglianico del Vulture “Titolo” rappresenta una vera eccellenza del Sud Italia: un Aglianico capace di raccontare la grande crescita enologica del Meridione. Ne è l’artefice la giovane Elena Fucci, una grande donna del vino, enologa e vigneron, che conduce la propria azienda dal 2004, mostrando grande entusiasmo, talento e determinazione.

Organoleptic characteristics: 

Color: Intense and deep ruby red Nose: Full-bodied and structured, warm and concentrated, endowed with freshness and vigorous tannins, with an endless persistence Palate: Deep and captivating with intense hints of plum, juniper, roots and mineral notes, all finished with a beautiful ethereal note

Storage time: 

over 10 years


Destemming, soft crushing and fermentation in steel tanks


2018 Luca Maroni 90/100
2018 Wine Spectator 90/100
2018 Veronelli 93/100
2018 Bibenda
2018 AIS Vitae
2018 Red Prawn

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