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Colli di Luni Albarola DOC 2020

Colli di Luni Albarola DOC 2020, goes well with seafood dishes. Bottle of 0.75 l


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Paolo Bosoni in 1966, collects the inheritance of the family, for generations dedicated to agriculture and, focusing his attention on viticulture, founded the company Lvnae. Paolo Bosoni follows and coordinates the work in the cellar and in the vineyard, supported by his brother Lucio. Antonella Bertolla, Diego Bosoni and Debora Bosoni, respectively Paolo's wife, his son and daughter, are an integral part of Lvnae. Paolo Bosoni's idea is to preserve in the winery the quality created in the vineyard through a careful and respectful work in all its phases. Our production in bottles is limited. We privilege quality over quantity by following the indications of nature and the vocation of Lvnae. We believe wine is the fruit of nature and man, of his doing. We believe that wine is living matter, the result of physical actions and subtle energies that form its structure, its character, to make it the image of the territory of origin and of the wine-growing tradition of man in his own place. We at Lvnae adhere to this way of doing things in every phase of our work. Work that is made of respect and quality of relationships. Relationships with nature, human relationships.


Cantina Lunae's Albarola was born in the hills of Luni, in the heart of Lunigiana, in the extreme eastern part of Liguria. This autochthonous and little known grape is normally used in blends with other autochthonous varieties. In this case, instead, it is vinified in purity, giving life to a fresh white wine which will surprise you.

Organoleptic characteristics: 

Straw yellow, on the nose we find hints of wild flowers, Mediterranean scrub and citrus fruits. The taste is ample and of great freshness. Its marked sapidity gives it an infinite taste persistence.

Storage time: 

1-3 years old


Cold maceration of the skins for a duration of about 12 hours, after racking, fermentation and aging in steel. Temperature control system: automatic thermal conditioning system.


2020 Luca Maroni 93/100
2019 Red Prawn
2019 Veronelli 88/100
2019 Bibenda

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