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Franciacorta Demi-Sec DOCG Nectar Bellavista

Franciacorta Demi-Sec DOCG Nectar Bellavista, excellent at the end of the meal to accompany dessert. Bottle of 0,75 l


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Bellavista Winery. In'the year 1977, entrepreneur Vittorio Moretti decided to turn a small wine business founded on a few hectares of family property into a company . They are located on the Bellavista hill, so named for the splendid position that, from a single point, embraces Lake Iseo and the entire Po Valley up to the chain of the Alps. With foresight, Vittorio Moretti devotes special attention to the purchase of new vineyards until he reaches the current 203 hectares under vine, included in the "franciacorta" vocation zone. From the vineyard to the wine, everything is entrusted to natural processes. Every choice is made within the constraint imposed by the rhythms of nature and the history of the Franciacorta territory. Bellavista offers a timeless class and style identifiable in simplicity and artisanal attention to detail. In 1981 Vittorio Moretti met the'oenologist Mattia Vezzola, who joined the'company in the same year. His role will be instrumental in defining Bellavista's style. In 2007 Mattia Vezzola was awarded the important career recognition by the Gambero Rosso-Slow Food's guide Vini d'Italia-as "winemaker of the year."


Ancestral and contemporary, focused on an archaic and avant-garde production approach at the same time. Nectar is a pure, natural and sensual Demi Sec. Extremely rare, it is the result of a dedicated cuvée, produced with only chardonnay grapes coming from at least 30 different high hillside and south facing vineyards.

Organoleptic characteristics: 

Deep straw yellow color, on the way to golden with time. The nose offers hints of honey, pastry, vanilla berries, candied citrus fruits and flowers. The sip is full and enveloping, creamy, smooth, balanced in its sweet freshness.

Storage time: 

2-3 years


Alcoholic fermentation partly in steel tanks, partly in small white oak barrels. Refermentation according to the Classic Method and addition of dosage composed mainly by must of dried grapes.


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