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Lagrein DOC 2019

Lagrein DOC 2019 , perfectly accompanies grilled meats. Bottle of 0,75 l


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For seven generations (since 1880), the Franz Haas winery has been handed down to the eldest son of the family, who has the responsibility and the'honor of always bearing the same name, Franz. Franz Haas is not just a winery, not just a brand. Franz Haas is a man, a family that has been making wine for seven generations, that has been putting its philosophy of life into wine for seven generations: the relentless pursuit of perfection. Each Franz Haas with his own touch and style. To make superb wines-according to Franz Haas-yes, you need science and calculation, but it is love, passion and determination that give them character and depth. It takes art, the kind you have in your blood, a loving creative genius like that of Franz Haas VII, who leads the winery today along with his team. His father, Franz Haas VI, when he was only 17 years old, with the same stubbornness that would later distinguish his son, had to take legal action against his greedy and arrogant uncle to safeguard the rights of his father's legacy, Franz Haas V, and thus ensure the continuity of the family history. He built the wine cellar-which we can still visit today-by passing it off as a barn, to defend it from his uncle's aims. With the support of a wine broker friend he then began this adventure, producing, vinifying and selling the bulk wine to various South Tyrolean producers. Until 1986 he remained at the reins of the company clashing not a little with his son. The former, more rational, the man of numbers, calculations, and predictions, the latter, more psychic and human as he calls himself. Today Franz Haas VII is undoubtedly a man of tradition, but with the spirit of innovation and experimentation. He is not afraid of challenges, because for him wine is synonymous with life.


Lagrein is produced by Franz Haas winery, which makes it from the homonymous grape native to Alto Adige, fortunately came back in vogue in the last years.

Organoleptic characteristics: 

Lagrein shows a deep and intense red color which in some vintages touches violet notes. Its bouquet is very intense and wide, ranging from ripe red fruits to violets, from spicy notes to fresh grass and cocoa. On the palate the wine seduces with its strong personality, massive and velvety tannins, pleasant fullness and a long and enveloping finish. The wine can be drunk young, however a longer period of aging in bottle will make it smoother and rounder.

Storage time: 

3-4 years


fermentation in open vats


2018 James Suckling 93/100
2018 Robert Parker 92/100

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