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Ripe al Convento C. Brunello di Montalcino Riserva DOCG 2014

Excellent with aged cheeses, game and roast meat. 0.75 l bottle


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Commitment in viticulture and agriculture in general, these are the strong points of the Frescobaldi family, which has been producing wine in Tuscany for seven hundred years, precisely since the beginning of the fourteenth century. Moreover, the family counts among its ancestors illustrious men of letters, explorers, musicians, bankers, bishops and politicians. The archives keeps many ancient documents and among the registers there are commercial contracts with many European Courts starting from the thirteenth century. In the fifteenth and sixteenth century, the Florentine family supplied wines to the Court of England and of many European countries, including the Papal Court. Even before that, the Frescobaldi had relationships and commercial contacts with the workshops of many famous artists such as Donatello, Michelozzo Michelozzi, Filippo Brunelleschi. Around the year 1000, the first members of the family moved to Florence from Val di Pesa, where we still find the Castiglioni Estate, the oldest agricultural property of the family. At that time, the cities of central and northern Italy were strengthening economically, politically and militarily, to the detriment of feudal power; the lords in fact urbanized, attracted and flattered by the commercial and political advantages that the cities offered. The Frescobaldi settled in the Oltrarno part of the city in Piazza de' Frescobaldi where they built the loggia, the tower and the palace. In 1252 Lamberto Frescobaldi built the first wooden bridge over the Arno, now called Ponte Santa Trinita, in order to connect his properties with the ancient historical center of Florence. With great openness towards the future, the ancestors introduced in 1855 in Tuscany some grape varieties, unknown at that time, such as Carbernet Sauvignon, Merlot Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. The twentieth century is characterized by the action of Vittorio, Ferdinando and Leonardo Frescobaldi who made an important contribution to elevate Tuscany to a place of excellence for viticulture. Today Lamberto Frescobaldi picked up the baton and, thanks to his long technical experience, he aims at further strengthening the uniqueness of the wines of each family estate.


Ripe al Convento di Castelgiocondo Brunello di Montalcino Riserva was produced from Sangiovese grapes from the Ripe al Convento vineyard, which is located at an altitude between 350 and 450 m.
Its altitude, exposure to the warm afternoon sun, marl soils and healthy Mediterranean winds give this Brunello reserve extreme elegance, personality and longevity.

Organoleptic characteristics: 

This great wine has a deep, bright ruby red color. The nose is complex, from floral notes of violet and broom. Enriched then by red fruit notes reminiscent of cherry and raspberry. Sensations of pepper, clove and cardamom complete the bouquet. The palate is harmonious and balanced, with silky tannins that flow over the palate without attacking it, giving it great structure. The finish is long and delicate.

Storage time: 

10-25 years old


Fermentation took place in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks with frequent pumping over, especially during the early stages, to achieve good extraction of color and structure components. A subsequent long aging in wood, allowed for excellent stability and increased aromatic and structural complexity. Ripe al Convento 2014 is ready for release 6 years after the harvest and only after further bottle aging.


2014 James Suckling 94/100
2014 Wine Advocate 92/100
2014 Wine Spectator 90/100
2014 Red Prawn

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