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Cuvee DOCG Brut "Surfine" sparkling wine

Spumante Cuvee DOCG Brut "Surfine", goes well with robust first courses. Bottle of 0,75 l


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The story of Foss Marai is a story of love: the one between Carlo Biasiotto and Conegliano-Valdobbiadene, an unparalleled territory, guardian of a centuries-old art of sparkling wine production. It was in 1986, when young Carlo - a deep connoisseur of the fruits of this area of Italy - founded Foss Marai. A company where the family spirit is strongly felt, where passion for the products is an essential value and where craftsmanship and innovation contribute to the achievement of perfection. So it was then. So it is now. Talking about Foss Marai today means first of all talking about the Biasiotto family. About the farsightedness of Carlo Biasiotto and his wife Adriana, and the entrepreneurship of their children Andrea, Cristiana, and Umberto, thanks to whom Foss Marai has come to play the prestigious role of leading company: national and international testimonial of the best Italian sparkling wines and symbol of Italian wine-making prestige.


Foss Marai Surfine CUVÈE Brut is the most refined version of the historical Cuvèe.

Organoleptic characteristics: 

Surfine CUVÈE Brut preserves and exalts the Foss Marai style, characterized by a delicate bouquet of yellow fruit and wild flowers, with hints of bell pepper (characteristics of Sauvignon Blanc) which combine in perfect harmony creating a balanced wine especially on the palate. Sensibly full, it shows the unmistakable and inimitable personality of Foss Marai, with a pleasant and long aftertaste.

Storage time: 

3 years


soft pressing; alcoholic fermentation in temperature controlled stainless steel containers


Wine Enthusiast 87/100

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