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Alto Petra Toscana IGT 2018

Alto Petra Toscana IGT 2018, excellent with grilled red meats. Bottle of 0,75 l


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Starting from Elisa Bonaparte up to Francesca Moretti, it is more than two hundred years that the path of Petra has a female step. In 1808 Elisa Bonaparte Baciocchi, Napoleon's sister, Princess of Lucca and Piombino and Grand Duchess of Tuscany, chose this place to establish the first nucleus of an agricultural and viticultural project. Two centuries later, during a trip by car to Bordeaux with her father Vittorio, Francesca Moretti fell in love with the history and culture of chateaux and decided to put aside the idea of becoming a veterinarian in order to study agriculture and enology, starting immediately the search for a property to be converted into a winery in the Bordeaux style. Tuscany was perhaps an obvious choice in the years (late 90's) of his enological renaissance, but not so obvious was the intuition to focus on Maremma, and not on the Bolgheri area, but on the fertile Val di Cornia, with the collaboration of an excellent explorer such as Attilio Scienza. It was in 1997 that Vittorio Moretti bought 60 hectares in San Lorenzo and 45 in Campiglia Marittima, a few kilometers from Piombino, in Suvereto. It was a seed, the beginning of a deep and contemporary project. This is how the idea of Petra was born. It is here that Francesca Moretti has found her second home. A home in all respects, loved as much as her Franciacorta.


Alto represents one of the most marked expressions of the territory.
Its geological and microclimatic characteristics are clearly expressed through a grape variety, Sangiovese, which has its homeland in Tuscany.

Organoleptic characteristics: 

The color is brilliant ruby red, the bouquet is characterized by sensations of underbrush, humus, small red fruits and violets, together with a mineral background. The taste denotes freshness and sapidity, elegance and complexity, although with a certain vigor.

Storage time: 

3-6 years old


Fermented in truncated conical oak vats, fermentation is accompanied by a long maceration on the skins.


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