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Panarea Sunset Gin

Panarea Sunset Gin, perfect straight or on the rocks. Bottle of 0,70 cl


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The Inga family started the production of high quality liqueurs and distillates in 1832. The experience gained in the Noto laboratory began to bear fruit about 100 years later. In 1930, Gaetano Inga opened the first plant in Piedmont with the aim of relaunching the historic Amaro Gambarotta. The application of artisan wisdom was able to transform that gamble into an industrial reality and, in the seventies, our family started the production of grappa under the well-known brand name Libarna. Today, the rich tradition and solid skills are carried on by brothers Federico and Lorenzo Inga who launched the Panarea Gin brand. We started again from Sicily to create a proposal able to tell the nuances of the territories that give us emotions and raw materials. We select high quality botanicals, rich in contrasts, flavors and scents. Myrtle, citrus, aromatic herbs: the choice of quality fruits of the earth is a fundamental ingredient to create a line of sophisticated gins.


There is a decorative ambition in everything that is born in Sicily. In the artistic heritage as in the culinary one, there is a search for energy, color, nuances. That baroque soul which cannot be found anywhere else in the world has also come to distinguish our Panarea Sunset Gin.

Organoleptic characteristics: 

Transparent color and alcohol percentage of 44%, these are the only two properties that bring the distillate closer to a classic London Dry Gin. The aroma is intense and spicy, characterized by pleasant citrus notes. At the same time basil gives a pleasant and unexpected freshness.

Storage time: 

over 20 years

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