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Ripasso Classico Superiore Valpolicella DOC 2019 Tommasi

Ripasso Classico Superiore Valpolicella DOC 2019, excellent with earthy first courses. 0.75 l bottle


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The story of the Tommasi Group began in 1902 with a husband, a wife and a dream. The historical context of the Belle Époque gives an idea of the frivolous and light breeze that passed through the city of Verona when Giacomo Battista Tommasi married Augusta in 1902 and went to live with his family. While continuing to cultivate the family's land in Valpolicella, Giacomo was already seeing beyond wine, no longer as a simple beverage, but as a product of superior quality, destined for social occasions and celebrations. That dream is now a'family business based in Valpolicella Classica and estates throughout Italy. The fourth generation is at the helm. Each of the nine siblings and cousins preside over specific roles in the company and together manage the business and strategies, which lead to the entry of the fifth generation.


Ripasso Classico Superiore Valpolicella DOC 2019 from the Tommasi winery is an elegant and full-bodied wine. The best selection of Valpolicella is repassed on Amarone pomace to obtain a second fermentation that enriches its aromas, body and complexity.

Organoleptic characteristics: 

Intense and bright ruby red, the nose is rich and intensely spicy, with notes of ripe cherry jam, tobacco and black pepper. The palate is elegant and full-bodied, with soft, silky tannins and a long persistence.

Storage time: 

over 5 years


Fermentation in steel barrels for about 15 days. Refermentation on Amarone pomace for about 12/13 days.


2017 James Suckling 93/100
2017 Wine Spectator 89/100
2017 Veronelli 89/100
2017  Bibenda
2017  AIS Vitae
2017  Red Prawn

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