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Akashi Meïsei whisky with case

Perfect to sip during after dinner. Bottle of 0,50 l


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The Japanese distillery White Oak was established in 1888 but it has been producing whisky in a traditional way and in small quantities only since 1919. The actual distillation process began in 1984, the year the company built a new plant. Before that time, all the whisky produced was used in a variety of blends known as "White Oak". The distillery belongs to the Eigashima company, established in 1679 and one of the most ancient sake producers in Japan, in the city of Akashi.


The White Oak distillery was founded in 1888 but has only been producing whisky in the traditional manner and in small quantities since 1919. Akashi Meisei is a Japanese single malt 45% and grain 55% whisky.
Meisei literally means celebrity. This Whisky has the attitude of becoming a cult product in the panorama of Japanese Whiskies.

Organoleptic characteristics: 

Light amber color. Deep with notes of barley malt, oak, vanilla and floral undertones. Smooth and round on the palate with notes of vanilla, oak and hints of spice with a fresh finish.

Storage time: 

over 20 years

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